What’s it All About

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Eco does not have a specific agenda or environmental focus, it provides an open forum and physical space for local groups to address environmental issues and explore healthy living and holistic practices that are of interest to them.
Eco will facilitate change, but not tell people how to do it. Transformation allows people the physical and mental space to make their own choices, to gather their own skills and resources, and to engage in activities as each group sees appropriate. Eco is an emerging, local solution, that is forming for conscious people.
Eco has the intention to be a regional hub for eco-education and holistic and healthy living, that engages and empowers individuals and families,through activities to teach practical solutions and with impact at the individual, household and community level. Anyone who shares the ethos of Eco can become a member, wherever you live and whatever your background, as long as you have a real desire to share expertise, skills and/or resources and to learn from other people who are also committed to education and lifestyles for sustainability. If you would like more information on membership please request by message or text. Join us to create a healthier tomorrow !
Eco, established in 2013, is an ecological public not for profit association that delivers courses on renewable resources, wellbeing and healthy living, and eco-education. It opens as Eco in Bédar, Almeria in  February 2014. Eco is expanding its presence and providing a beautiful neighbourhood space for delivering programs, creating a hub for innovation and collaboration.
Eco  invites members of all ages, offering workshops and classes and providing many educational experiences and seasonally rotating courses. Eco today announces the piloting of feasibility projects which will highlight sustainable activities. The center will feature courses from computing to ceramics and demonstrate concepts from growing seasonal herbs and vegetables to mindfulness and yoga.
Rachele is the founder of Eco. To find out more about Rachele please visit  linkedin-logo-small
The Mindful Yoga Classes are part of a comprehensive wellness program at Eco to promote member health and designed to boost member well-being, improving happiness and productivity. The creation of  Eco is an investment in the knowledge, education and diversity of the Costa Levante Area, providing hands-on experience in promoting sustainable lives and inviting the public and businesses to engage with these issues.
Eco is a collective, committed to sharing expertise and learning from others who are committed to education for sustainability, such as innovators and designers and people from all walks of life with particular knowledge or interests, educators, environmentalists, green business people, local craftspeople and artisans. Eco will  provide members with promotional space and support in marketing and showcasing their work. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and make a  positive contribution towards the development of Eco, become a member and enjoy the benefits of sharing knowledge and skills in a lively and inspiring environment.

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